\ \ Fluoroplastic by HaloPolymer meets requirements of European laws for food industry


Fluoroplastic by HaloPolymer meets requirements of European laws for food industry

Fluoroplastics F-4 and F4-D made by HaloPolymer were successfully tested by leading European laboratory SGS Multilab (France), and awarded with certificates of compliance with European Directive No. 10/2011, which established requirements for polymers intended for to contact with food.

The value of possible harmful substances migration has been determined during the test. Furthermore, both specific migration of hazardous components (tetrafluoroethylene), which are very typical for fluoroplastics, and the total migration (i.e., the total volume of all substances that can get to the food out of the polymer) were measured. The test was performed under the most severe conditions of fluoroplastics use: 4 hours at the boiling point of two model media – 50% of ethanol and 3% of acetic acid; and 4 hours at 1750С in olive oil.

The obtained results confirmed that all specimens conform to the requirements of the European Union. Therefore, the fluoropolymers made by HaloPolymer can be used in the EU food industry.

«In July 2012, fluoroplastics F-4, F4-D and F-4M manufactured by HaloPolymer already received certificates in accordance with European Directive No. 10/2011. However, at that time it was specific migration only, which was measured. And the testing conditions were more permissive. At the same time, a fluoropolymer in direct contact with food products is subject to particularly stringent requirements. The main purpose consists in excluding any harm to human health at all stages of foods production, – the CEO of HaloPolymer, ОАО Maxim Doroshkevich noted. – That caused us to take decision to aggravate test conditions».


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Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 - Regulation of the European Commission of 14 January 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended for contact with food.


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