\ \ HaloPolymer: reorganization of R-14 production capacity completed


HaloPolymer: reorganization of R-14 production capacity completed

Upon rehabilitation completion in February 2013, HaloPolymer Perm, ОАО saw the starting of R-14* manufacturing, which allowed practical doubling of volume of the finished product output, bringing it up to 20 tonnes per month.

The global market volume of R-14 is estimated to be at about 1.5 thousand tonnes per year. At present, the HaloPolymer share in the world’s market is 8%.

“R-14 is in high demand traditionally, and according to our forecast it will grow in the near future”, the CEO of HaloPolymer, ОАО Maxim Doroshkevich said. “In Russia, our holding is a unique manufacturer of this product. We supply R-14 to the Russian market and to the leaders of the global market of industrial gases in Germany, France and the USA.”

R-14 is used primarily for plasma etching of dielectrics when manufacturing integrated circuits, and as an inert gas during obtaining rare earth metals. It is also used as an additive to the sulfur hexafluoride in the high-voltage equipment that is used at low temperatures to reduce the dew point. Moreover, R-14 is designed to prepare breathing mixtures for deep-sea diving, as a refrigerant, fire retardant, stabiliser of ozone decomposition, diluter for performing chemical reactions, reactant for producing fluorine-organic products.


Table 1. Physico-Chemical Parameters of R-14 Made by HaloPolymer, ОАО

Designation of Indicator Value
Boiling Point, °C -128.0
Critical Pressure, MPa 3.74
Volume Fraction of Tetrafluoromethane, %, not less 99.2
Total Volume Fraction of Low-Boiling Inclusions (Nitrogen + Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide),%, not more 0.7
Total Volume Fraction of High-Boiling Inclusions (Hexafluoroethane, Carbon Dioxide), %, not more 0.1
Water Content, Mass, %, not more 0.001


* Carbon tetrafluoride (also called tetrafluoromethane, CF4, R-14) – is a colorless gas compacted under pressure. Not flammable, explosion-proof.


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