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Inorganic Products

Salts Salts
Salts are used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in metallurgy, in refrigeration technology, and in construction for production of construction materials. Salts are also used in fiberboard softening agent production, to separate heavy metals from solutions in industry. In oil industry salts are used as cement slurry by oil production.
Alkalies Alkalies
Alkalies are used in construction, agriculture, metallurgy, chemical industry; as a component in synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, soap, vitamins, colors, for household chemistry goods production. Alkalies are used as cooling agents in household and industrial refrigerating systems and in fertilizers production.
Acids Acids
Acids have numerous uses in various sectors of industry, starting from woodworking till pharmaceuticals. In the chemical industry acids react to produce fluorochemicals and fluorinated organic compounds, elemental fluorine and hydrofluoric acid. In the petroleum industry acid treatment is applied for wells, in the ferrous- and non-ferrous industries – for metal surface pickling, in other sectors of industry acids are making boilers clean and purify water circuits.
Gases Gases
Gases are used in cryogenic refrigerators, chemical industry and medicine. They are necessary for metals welding and cutting, for purging pipes and equipment designed for transportation and storage of flammable and explosive products before their repairs by welding.